About Us

Growing up in Zimbabwe, Cecilia Dewu would not have thought that one day she would own a clothing store in London on the historic and world-renowned Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park.

After completing her MBA, Cecilia mustered the courage to open Cerrura Fashions inside the London Fashion Centre in 2007. The store was upstairs in an area that hardly anyone knew about.  Had it not been for the constant encouragement from Vickie, the centre manager, Cerrura Fashions would not have been here today. Vickie’s encouragement paid off as now Cecilia has one of the biggest stores on the ground floor, offering a fantastic range of special occasion outfits for women.

Being the only black-owned business in the London fashion centre and indeed on Fonthill Road, many did not think that Cecilia would survive.  Thanks to her belief in God, her emphasis on providing clothing that is unique and caters to the tastes of African and Caribbean women, she believes that she has earned her place as one of the go-to places on Fonthill for women’s clothing

Cerrura Fashions sells a wide variety of clothes, including African wear, mother of the bride outfits, church outfits, dresses, skirts and tops which have resulted in numerous customers from around the world including Jamaica, Nigeria, Zimbabwe as well as an increasing number of English customers. The most fulfilling aspect about her business is her customers coming back to share pictures from the event/occasion for which they had worn their outfits.

As Cerrura Fashions goes from strength to strength, Cecilia opened a second store in Walsall, West Midlands in December 2017. This store is managed by her son, Ralph, who has been working with her in the business from 2011, following the completion of his university studies.  

For those who may not be able visit their Walsall or London store, you can visit their website at www.cerrurafashions.co.uk where you can see the wide selection of clothing available for women to wear to weddings, church and other special occasions.