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Learn 5 Ways To Get the Best Fit From Your Occasionwear

Have you ever seen an evening dress that you loved but it wasn't in your size? Or wore an outfit to church that you couldn't wait to take off? Or have you tried a dress suit and you were just not sure about it? Or have you ever wanted to wear a certain colour, only to realize the colour just wasn't what you thought it would be. The beauty and the brains behind Cerrura Fashions, Cecilia Dewu shares with us the advice she knows and has given to her customers that has enabled her and them to dress and feel fabulous for over 10 years now.  

 Cecilia Dewu


Wear what you can see yourself wearing

Part of the reason we buy clothes is so that we boost our confidence. If we find a church outfit that looks very nice but when we are wearing it, we fidget, we squirm, we are uncomfortable, we won't really enjoy wearing it.Our advice would be to wear a dress suit that you can see yourself wearing. Have you ever put on a dress and straight away you know that is you? That is what we mean by wear what you can see yourself wearing as this will result in you feeling more confident within yourself.


Dress for the occasion you attending

It is important that you don't under or overdress for any special occasion that you are attending. For example if you are going to be the mother of the bride/groom and you wear a dress that is too plain, you will be overlooked. That being because after the bride and the groom, the mother of the bride/groom will be the next person that people will  be looking out to see. As such you will need to make sure that you are looking the part. Therefore, when you are attending a special occasion you need to make sure that what you wearing is appropriate for the occasion.


Don't worry so much about the size

One thing we have noticed over the years is that certain customers are so fixated on the size they would like an outfit to be. Even though, the size they want may not be in the size that fits them. Thus we always encourage customers to just try because wedding clothes suppliers, size their skirt suits differently. As such, a size that may fit you from one supplier, the same size from another supplier might not fit the same. Therefore don't worry so much about the size of the dress, rather concetrate more on getting one that fits you regardless of what size it may say on the label.



Be careful of the colors that you wear

Over the years we’ve noticed that certain dress colors are just very difficult to wear. You may have an idea of a certain dress color that you would like to wear but it might not go with your skin tone or once you put it on you may realise that you are not comfortable wearing that colour. (Remember advice tip #1).  Colours that we have found that do work are beige, gold, ivory and black as they are neutral colors. So should you want to use an uncommon colour for your special occasion or wedding color, get one of the colors above and then use your color of choice for the accessories.


Pro tip: Should you wish to use an uncommon color, let the main dress & jacket be a neutral color (beige, gold, ivory, black), then use your color of choice for the hat/fascinator/shoes and/or clutch bag


Wear clothes that accentuate your shape

The style of dress you wear will either highlight or hide parts of your body in the right or the wrong places. As such you need to make sure that the dress suit you wear shows your body off in a favorable manner. Avoid wearing dresses that are too tight as they will show off your bumps. Rather get a dress style that covers a multitude of sins that will make you look dignified and classy.