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What to wear To Your Son's/Daughter's Wedding

Posted by Ralph Dewu on

There is nothing that gives a mother as much pleasure as seeing her son/daughter getting married. Amid all the financial woes of venues, cakes, flowers  and all that is associated with a wedding, the million dollar question always pops up what shall I wear?Do I have to stay within the colour schemes? Should I wear a dress or a skirt suit? What type of hat should I wear?


You need to be dressed for the part 

Your son or daughters wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and as such you need to make sure that you are dressed for the part. This is where we (Cerrura Fashions) can be  of help to you. We pride ourselves on being able to dress you for this special occasion. Believe you me, you need to be dressed for the part! You cannot afford to let visitors outshine you. After the bride & groom the next person(s) people will look at is you and/or your significant other.


Do you wear a dress or a suit?

Many people are opting for a Dress and Jacket especially ones with a long jacket (see picture on the right). However it doesn't mean you can't wear a skirt or a trouser suit, it all depends on what you prefer and/or fits you better. Whether you opt for a dress or a suit  you should try and avoid  wearing something that  is too plain. However if you choose to settle for something plain, then you will need a hat that will lift it up. 




Should I stay within the color scheme?

As a mother, you shouldn't be bound by any colour schemes as this will limit what you can wear, as you wouldn't want to fit in with the color scheme at the expense of not wearing something that is not up to par. The only exception is that you shouldn't wear anything in a white or cream colour so as not to upstage the bride.


Getting the most appropriate fit

The dress or suit length has to be decent that is with regards to the length and how it fits to the body.  We advise you get something in a 3/4 length or a full length (See picture).The suit or dress need not be too fitting as to highlight certain parts of the body nor too loose to make you look bigger than you are. It is also advisable that you get body magic ( shape wear) which is meant to hide a few bumps so that your suit can fit properly. Please do not forget to get decent underwear - get a proper bra and make sure you get hosiery as well.


Completing the outfit

Your choice of hat is very important as it cannot be too small. The size of the hat will be determined by your personality as you must be able to carry it off. We suggest that the more outrageous the hat the better!!  .You should also get a matching pair of comfortable shoes ( to allow you to move around and even to dance ) if you can wear heels do so by all means but have a pair of flats just in case you feel tired. Also you will need to get a clutch bag to match your shoes and hat. You will need jewellery to finish off the picture such as a classic matching set of necklace and earrings. Spoil yourself by buying a nice perfume one you would not normally wear.


How many outfits should I buy?

Lastly, if your budget allows, you can even buy more than one outfit. You can get one for the church service, another for the afternoon reception and yet another for the evening reception.


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