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5 Tips on Accesorizing a Vintage Dress

Posted by Ralph Dewu on

Needing some inspiration in putting together an outfit?


We sat down with Chipo, our in house fashionista who puts together most of our outfits for our shop displays and we asked her for her advice on some of the things she considers when putting together an outfit.


  1. Pick an aspect of the dress that you will like to highlight

Grey and Red vintage DressThis is a simple grey vintage dress but one thing about it is that it has a bold red flower. So when I was considering what to co-ordinate with this vintage dress, one thing I chose to highlight was the red flower.


  1. Consider the style of the dress when choosing what to co-ordinate with it 


Knowing that I wanted to highlight the red flower, I found a red jacket.Red short jacket The dress having a 50’s style of a tight waist and flared bottom, i knew that the jacket I selected had to be short so that it didn’t cover the design of the dress.


  1. Find ways to add detail to plain areas on the dress


Red and gold necklaceThere being no detail on the neck of the dress, I wanted to add something to embellish the neckline. As such, I picked a jewellery set that was very elaborate as the area on the dress was plain


  1. If possible, show off your figure

Due to the style of the dress, it gave me an opportunity to show off someone’s figureGold belt by accentuating the waistline. I managed to do this by adding a gold belt to the dress.


  1. Stick to your color theme


In putting together this outfit, red was the theme i was using as my guide. As the jacket had elements of gold on it, it allowed me to use a red and gold necklace. Having used red and gold before, I chose a gold belt to pick up the gold from the necklace and jacket.

Grey and Red vintage dress

So that is our advice on 5 things you can consider when putting together an outfit.


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Vintage Dress Red jacket